When it comes to commercial solar, Auric Solar is the leader. We have attracted the best team in the industry that are dedicated to working with you and your company. This includes addressing things that many other solar companies do not understand, such as demand charges, KVAR, M.A.C.R.S., financing strategies, building efficiency, rebate strategies, long term efficiency, and design and other aspects. Nobody understands commercial solar like our team does. Whether it is undertaking Utah’s largest solar panel installation for Real Salt Lake’s Rio Tinto Stadium or doing a small commercial grade system for a local non-profit, we are the experts in the industry.


Types of Commercial Installs

Roof-top Installation

Car Port Installation

Ground Mount Installation



Commercial Solar Tax Incentives:


State Solar Tax Credit

There are amazing commercial state solar tax incentives available to you. To learn more about the ones that are available in your area, simply click on your state:



Federal Solar Tax Credit of 30%

Like the tax credit available for residential properties, there is also a federal tax credit of 30% for commercial businesses who invest in solar panels or solar systems. This money comes back to you on your tax return as a dollar for dollar tax credit against your tax liability. You can receive it when you file your quarterly taxes or you can have your accountant strategically roll over these credits for years to come if applicable. You can learn more about this federal tax credits by visiting the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency’s website:

Commercial Federal Solar Tax Credits


Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) or depreciation of the equipment allows you to write off the cost of your system. This tax benefit can offset an additional 25-30% off the total cost of installation in real dollars off of your system. This money comes back to you over a 5-year period. The government allows for this acceleration as another way to make it easier for companies to transition to renewable energy. You can learn more about this tax benefit by visiting the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency’s website:

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System



Some of the benefits of a solar power system for your business include:


Government Incentives

Existing tax credits offset a majority of your solar project cost in the first year. Federal and state tax incentives are available to solar system owners and will reduce annual tax liability.



Financial Savings

With utility rates increasing by as much as 10% a year, now is the time more than ever to go solar and lock in the cost of your power bill. Solar power is a capital investment that increases the bottom line and can provide stability when it comes to utility costs that fluctuate.




We have experts that can help you showcase your commitment to becoming an efficient business financially and environmentally. Attract new customers as well as maintain and increase loyalty from current customers by reducing your company’s carbon footprint and marketing yourself as a Green Business. Auric Solar offers a Solar Marketing Package to our commercial clients that includes a video that is professionally produced and edited. We know how to get your business noticed when you make the decision to do your part in the community by using clean and reliable solar power.




Support the creation of sustainable, skilled American jobs in a high growth industry. Your investment in solar energy supports American workers who live in our cities selling, building, designing, and installing your systems.



Your Bottom Line

Increase your company’s bottom line month after month and year after year by investing in your own clean, quiet, reliable, and renewable solar power. Stop renting power; own it.



The Future

Do it for yourself, future generations, and for the planet. An incredible 30% of the world’s air pollution comes from traditional fossil fuel power plants. There is no better return on environment than solar power for your business.