Auric Solar Flips the Switch on DayBreak Academy

2015-02-18 20.20.17

Daybreak Academy Goes Solar

Auric Solar joined Daybreak Academy for its “Back to School” Luau, where we flipped the switch on our newest solar power project! The 32.34kW system has 98 panels and 5 inverters, offsetting more than half of the school’s power needs. The private childhood education center, located in South Jordan, was featured on KSL Channel 5 news to discuss their decision to go solar. “We’re trying to teach our children from a very young age that being environmentally friendly is a critical skill. It’s important for future generations,” says Director of Daybreak Academy, Amy Cleveland.

In addition to their new solar panels, the school has electronic graphs to show the students how the solar panels produce electricity and the amount of energy being saved each month. Beyond teaching the students the importance of energy efficiency, the school has implemented a recycling program that the students are responsible for.

Daybreak Academy has made continuous strides to become energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and we’re happy to help them with those goals!

Click here for the KSL news segment.