Auric Solar’s chief installer sits down with President Obama


Auric Solar’s Chief of design/installation and instructor at Salt Lake Community College, Thaniel Bishop (pictured in white shirt on far left), was invited to meet with President Barack Obama during his visit to Utah on April 3, 2015, where he announced his new goal of training 75,000 people to work in the solar industry by 2020. President Obama invited Thaniel to discuss the success he has had as a leader in the industry at successfully training the solar workforce at Salt Lake Community College since 2009. “It was incredible to be invited to sit down at a table with the President of the United States and have him ask me questions in regards to what I am so passionate about, which is implementing solar power properly and training others to do the same,” Bishop said. “I am still taken aback by this incredible opportunity and I am excited to see the attention this brings to the solar industry. This will help ensure that the integrity of solar power will be upheld by making sure it is installed correctly by certified and trained people.”
During his visit to Utah, President Obama spoke at Hill Air Force Base and complimented the state on its renewable energy initiatives that have taken place thus far, and specifically was interested in the solar P.V. training program that has been a model of success that he wishes to duplicate across the U.S.

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ABC4 Utah News Coverage of the Story