We provide a simple, 3-step solar installation process. See just how easy it is.


1 Consultation
Get the facts.
Our certified energy consultants come to your home to assess your energy needs and answer any questions you may have. We provide education on solar and how to maximize your return on investment while helping the environment.

2 Installation
Choose your bundle.
Based on your energy needs and budget from our solar site analysis, we design a custom system based on your roof space, pitch, azimuth, power bill and budget and provide you with installation options from which to choose. Our certified installers pride themselves on customer communication, attention to detail, and maintaining a professional and clean job site.

3 Savings
Start saving now.
After installation, start enjoying money savings and high-power energy for your home or business from day one. We take care of all of the paperwork, from submitting for local permits, organizing and delivering tax credit paperwork, applying for rebates (when applicable), scheduling the city inspection, and applying for net metering installation with the utility company. We also offer an industry exclusive 10-year support warranty as well as a 25-year manufacturer’s panel and inverter warranties. And when it comes to going from contract to solar being connected to your grid and working, we are the fastest in the industry.