A Few Reasons to Make the Switch

You’ve likely thought about switching to solar energy with a local Utah or Idaho solar power company, but were never sure whether the technology, rebates, and financing would all come together—Auric Solar is your answer. We provide high-efficiency solar panels that are tried and trusted, and changes in technology have made solar power more accessible and affordable than ever.

Solar power and energy in Utah is quiet, clean, reliable, and renewable with no moving parts which means zero maintenance and no lifestyle changes. Take advantage of the free energy that is hitting your roof every day.

If you aren’t convinced yet that solar is the energy source for today, let us list out a few more reasons why going solar NOW is the best decision you can make.

  • Lock in your power bill (no more rising energy costs)
  • Pay for solar with money you were paying the power company
  • Enjoy tax incentives at both the state and federal levels
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Increase the overall value of your home
  • Our installation will not void your roof warranty
  • Benefit from an industry exclusive 10 year support warranty
  • 25 year manufacturer’s panel and inverter warranties



Utah and Idaho Are Ideal for Solar Power—Own Yours Today

The sun produces enough energy in 15 minutes to supply the world with electricity for a year using today’s solar panel technology. That means that you have the ability to stop renting and own your own solar power at your Utah or Idaho residence.

In fact, Utah and Idaho are prime locations for solar power! The states average 5.26 solar daylight hours when the amount of clouds and snow is taken into account. That means that there is a significant amount of solar radiation available for use. Overall, Utah and Idaho have a great balance of sunlight for production, moisture to clean the panels, and temperatures to maintain optimum production.


We Use the Most Advanced Technology to Maximize Your Return on Investment

At Auric Solar, we use only the latest micro inverter technology in our solar power systems which provide:

  • Easy expandability with no excess cost to the home or business owner
  • Personal monitoring access via smart phone applications and online access providing analytics health and performance of your solar panel system
  • Lifetime monitoring of your solar system and solar panel parts by Enphase with automatic alerts to you and Auric Solar which is checked daily by our customer service department
  • Industry leading 25 year warranty
  • Safety and aesthetics due to the absence of DC wiring and bulky inverters inside the home
  • Increased performance due to a lower amount of efficiency loss during inversion from DC to AC and higher production numbers in low-light scenarios
  • Easier, faster, and cleaner solar system installation which means lower cost to the home or business owner



Now More Affordable than Ever with Net Metering

We use net metering, one of the fundamentals of solar power in Utah and Idaho. Net metering is actually a major factor as to why solar power has finally become affordable. Many people understand that solar panels can produce a great deal of energy by using silicon to convert UV rays into electricity. A major hurtle, however, has been how to store this energy to be used when you need it.
Auric Net-Metering Graphic Mobile
solar net metering
Net metering allows you to use your utility company as the storage of your energy. As you produce watts of electricity, your meter will literally spin backwards and, as you use electricity at night, you will pull this from the grid as you have in the past.