• Are you selling your home with solar?

    In addition to powering your home, solar also adds value. If you’re selling your home, work with a green appraiser. Most traditional appraisers don’t appropriately factor in your solar panels. Green appraisers take the solar system into account and give you a more accurate home valuation.

    You can demonstrate the value of solar to potential buyers. Consider laying out power bills showing the difference before and after you added solar. The visual variation in the bills can help prospective buyers understand the value solar added to the home.

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  • Do solar panels require a tracking system to follow the angle of the sun?

    Tracking systems are large and incredibly expensive. They typically do not increase efficiency enough that the added expense is worth it.

  • Do solar panels require maintenance?

    Our solar panels have no moving parts, meaning no maintenance is required. With our 10 year support warranty and system monitoring software, we identify and fix any issues that may occur.

  • How is the excess energy stored?

    Our solar panel systems are grid-tied, meaning they are connected to your conventional electric grid. Through a system called net metering, excess energy is fed back into the grid, causing the meter to spin backwards and your utility company to credit you for the power.

  • If solar power is likely to become more efficient, should I wait to invest in it?

    Despite the media hype, solar technology has not changed much from what was being used in the 1960’s. Though it has become moderately more efficient, one of the major reasons that solar is ideal for right now is the tax incentives at both the federal and state level.

  • Will installing solar paneling increase my property tax?

    In many states, including Utah, solar installations are property-tax exempt, meaning the resale value of your home is increased without added property tax costs to you.

  • Will my home still be powered should the power go out?

    On the rare occasion that your power goes out, the grid-tied system will be shut off as well. This is because it is a safety hazard to have electricity continually generated while workers may be addressing the power outage nearby. The best solution is to have a generator on hand.

  • Will solar paneling be an eyesore on my roof?

    The aesthetics of solar panels have changed recently to include black frames and background. Our designers prepare a layout that complements the look of your home and enhances the aesthetic appeal. In fact, many homeowners feel that solar paneling has actually improved the overall look of their home.

  • Will solar panels cause my roof to deteriorate?

    Our solar panels are not attached directly to your roof, but rather are mounted to a railing system. They actually help to protect and preserve the roof from leaks or collapses as our installers employ sealants to help serve as a barrier from the elements.

  • Will solar power work in cool, cloudy, or foggy climates?

    Absolutely. Solar panels will continue to produce energy in cooler or foggier climates and even on overcast days.

  • With the cost of solar, will it ever be able to pay for itself?

    Yes. As solar power eliminates your large monthly electric bill, it absolutely pays for itself. Additionally, with the incredible financing options available, investing in solar energy does not require big upfront costs. Studies have shown that solar panels actually return two to four times their cost in saved electric bills.