Solar for Schools: A Brighter Future

Solar Power for Schools

Solar power is gaining in popularity, and schools have taken notice. As electricity costs continue to rise and budgets steadily decline, public and private k-12 schools across the nation are making the shift towards clean, renewable energy.

The Benefits of Going Solar

Thanks to extensive research and technology, solar panels have become more efficient, accessible, and affordable than ever. With fixed, low monthly payments and federal tax credits, the transition from traditional power to solar power has never been easier. In addition, schools can make a lasting impact on their community by serving as cornerstones of the green initiative.

Teaching Children about Solar Power

Beyond cost savings, solar systems teach students the importance of reducing carbon footprints and environmental sustainability. Perhaps most importantly, it gives students a unique opportunity to learn about the science and technology behind solar electricity. As a real-world teaching tool, teachers can integrate concepts related to solar energy and PV systems throughout their curriculum. Furthermore, solar power projects allow students to learn first-hand about employment opportunities in the emerging fields of renewable energy.

Create a Brighter Future

Nearly 4,000 schools across the country have already made the switch to solar. By investing in solar power, these schools are offsetting their energy consumption, significantly cutting costs, and teaching their students the importance of renewable energy sources for the future.