At Auric Solar we believe that every home and business should have the opportunity to be powered by clean, reliable, and renewable solar power. That’s been our mission from the beginning—to deliver inexpensive and efficient solar power without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

Our commitment to exceptional service and world-class solar experiences for our clients has earned us the title of highest rated solar provider by SolarReviews. Additionally, we have an A+ rating by the BBB and are the only Gephardt Approved solar company in the state!


No Project Too Small or Large for Auric Solar


We have undertaken the largest solar panel project in the entire state of Utah. Rio Tinto Stadium, home to Real Salt Lake and located in Sandy, Utah, calls for a 2,020-kilowatt system installation and has been in operation since October 2015.


We do more residential installations in Utah than all other companies combined. That means that you can be certain that an investment in Auric Solar is a choice to receive the best solar power system available.



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We Save You Money

As the largest solar power provider in Utah and Idaho, we’ve mastered the art of money savings. An investment in solar energy is an investment in your financial future. After conducting a solar onsite analysis to best determine your home or business’s energy needs and goals, we create a custom system designed to maximize your return on investment and save you money.



We Make it Affordable

Since we opened our doors in 2010, we have maintained our commitment to making solar energy a viable and affordable option for homeowners and businesses alike. We offer affordable financing options which include no upfront costs and low monthly payments. Additionally, there are a number of rebate options and both local and federal tax incentives available.



We Make it Easy

Not a fan of paperwork? We got you covered! We handle all of the backend work, including doing our homework on important tax credits that you should be aware of as well as submitting for local permits, organizing and delivering tax credit paperwork, applying for rebates when applicable, and applying for net metering installation with the utility company.



We Keep You in the Know

We believe that being educated about solar energy is a critical step in the process of solar investing. We keep you in the know about our process, everything from conducting a shading analysis onsite to how our custom design is tailored specifically to maximize on your energy needs. Our certified installers keep you informed about your energy investment and financial savings—we even offer a free educational seminar series!



We Believe in Environmental Stewardship

In addition to a product that requires zero maintenance and no lifestyle changes, solar energy is also eco-friendly. Our expert installations are done using the most advanced high-efficiency solar panel technology to ensure clean and renewable energy is utilized. An incredible 30% of the world’s air pollution comes from traditional power plants—do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and invest in the environment. In fact, choosing to go solar provides an incredible return on environment equal to planting over 150 trees annually on an average home in Salt Lake City!



We Use Trusted Partners

We take pride in the companies we partner with and have strict guidelines we follow in working with each of them. The following partners uphold the same quality standards we expect and we are proud to be partnered with each of them.

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