Installation Confidence Guarantee

There is a lot more to solar than bolting panels to the roof. We understand how to design an efficient but aesthetically pleasing solar array because we have the most experience in the industry. Because we are confident in our components and installation, we guarantee our work and provide an industry-exclusive warranty for 10 years.



We Use North American Made, Tier 1, Bankable Components

Our experience and buying power allows us to get the most advanced components, which are made in North America, from reliable companies who are financially stable and bankable. The amazing warranties offered on our components are only as good as the companies behind them. We are so confident in our components that we back them up with our own industry-exclusive warranty.




At Auric Solar, we do our installs right. All of our installations are preplanned and shaped digitally in the design phase. Each roof is unique and the design phase allows us to work out the details of the project before hand saving time, materials and money. When design is finished and it’s time to install, our installers are trained and lead by NABCEP certified professionals. Coupled with our top tier North American-made components, we make sure your install is done right and will last. Switching to solar has never been so easy. Trust Auric Solar with your home or business.


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We do our installs right





At Auric Solar, we do our installs right. Our installers are trained and lead by NABCEP certified, coupled with the fact that we use snap-n-rack mounting, has led us to receive superior ratings from our clientele. Beware of bad installs and the damage that they can inflict on your home or business.


Examples of other companies’ bad solar panel installations:


Poor aesthetic design as well as manufacturer loads exceeded.
Poor wire management will lead to failure from water/heat exposure.
Shaded panels will not produce even 30% of their potential.
Code violation on wire management that will result in failure of the system.
Poor design that will result in a snow/ice dam.
Improper branch terminator install. Saved the company $13 in parts.