“Initially I chose Auric Solar because they took the time to educate me and answer my questions about how solar power could benefit my family. I knew that solar could help the environment a great deal and I wanted to do my part, but I have been waiting for the numbers to make sense. When I sat down with Auric for my free energy consultation, they went over the numbers and showed me that solar energy costs less than traditional energy both short and long term.

In the past I have had questionable experiences with contractors–that is what I loved about Auric. They were my solar liaison in every aspect, whether it was using their hand picked solar installation crew or taking care of the city permits and net metering. After going through the entire experience, I learned that home solar power was a lot more involved than just installing panels on my roof.

There is the design, installation, warranty, permitting, net metering application, monitoring, wiring, financing, and even tax credit paperwork and I am sure there are other things that I don’t even realize. That’s why, looking back, I am so glad I chose to work with Auric because they are much more than just an installation contractor. They took care of everything from A to Z at a very fair price.”

- Former NBA star Shawn Bradley 10kW

“I just want to say what a wonderful experience it was working with your company. Everyone was so nice and professional at the same time. My system was started and finished in one day! That was amazing! Your company is what is right about America. I am a big supporter of local business and your company is one of the reasons why. You get a good product and excellent people to stand behind that product. I wish you all the very best and will tell everyone I know who is interested about solar to check out Auric Solar. You guys are awesome–thank you so much for helping me realize one of my dreams.”

- Carla Angelo 2.5kW

“I had been looking for energy solutions for my home since I purchased it. When I was approached by Auric solar, I was hopeful that they would help provide a solution but very quizzical. They came to my home and gave me a presentation. It was a no pressure, informational presentation which answered a lot of my questions but also got me curious enough to research solar energy further. When I made the decision that I wanted to go forward with solar panels, I was impressed that Auric really wanted to help me solve the energy problems in my home. In addition to putting panels up on my roof, we were able to change lights, improve insulation and seal some places in my home that were allowing energy to escape. The installation crew was very professional and respectful, the kind of guys that when I needed to run errands I did not worry about leaving my home open so they could continue working. More importantly, I was comfortable leaving my wife home alone with them working. When they completed their work, they came in, explained exactly how the system worked, helped answer any questions I had, and gave me their phone numbers to call in case I had any questions or problems over the next few weeks as I got used to the system. In all I was and still am very satisfied with Auric. Of all the energy companies I called, they seemed the most interested in me and the solutions for my home. If I were to do it again, I would go through them without question.”

- Jeremy Terry 5kW

“Starting with my first phone call to Auric Solar, they were helpful, generous with their time and exceptionally knowledgeable. In contrast I had called several others whose staff were either not knowledgeable or had no time for my questions. Auric’s help and expertise continued through examining costs, components best suited for my situation and getting all applicable rebates and tax incentives. I did my research and was impressed with the quality components chosen for my system, much of which is made in America. The installers were a pleasure, very quality conscious, efficient and kindly answered my endless questions. I’m confident I got a quality system, well installed, with every possible rebate and tax incentive–and I didn’t have to do a thing. Bottom line, Auric built me a system that will actually pay for itself in just a few years, a time period much shorter than the warranties of the quality products they use.”

- Harriet Natter 3.6kW